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Station #2

Grab scriptures, a study notebook, and a pen! What insights do you find?

The Brazen Serpent: Welcome
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The Brazen Serpent: About

NUMBERS 21:4-6

Why did God send fiery serpents among the people?

Hint: "Fiery" can also be translated as "poisonous"

The Brazen Serpent: About

NUMBERS 21:7-9

What did the Lord command Moses to do?

How does the brass serpent point to the Messiah?

What additional insights do you find in the Book of Mormon? 
1 Nephi 17:41
Alma 33:19-22

The Brazen Serpent: About


Core Message

Welcome to the replica of the brazen serpent.  This story is told in Numbers 21 in the Old Testament. While the children of Israel were wandering through the wilderness, they became discouraged and “spake against God, and against Moses.” Because of their complaining the Lord sent fiery serpents (poisonous snakes) among the people, and “they bit the people; and many people died”.  The people realized that they had sinned, and they asked Moses to pray for the Lord to take away the poisonous snakes.  Rather than just taking away the serpents, the Lord told Moses to make a brazen serpent and set it upon a pole. The people that were bitten were told to look up at the brazen serpent and they would be healed. Those that looked up to the pole were healed. Because it seemed too easy there were many who would not look, and they were not healed.

What do you think the Lord wanted the children of Israel to learn through this experience?

Possible Answer: To be humble and trust the Lord. To recognize that the brass serpent did not heal them but that it was the Lord who “prepared a way that they might be healed.”

In what way might the serpent on the pole be a type of Christ?

Possible answer:  The symbol of the brass serpent is explained in John 3:14-15 “as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up. That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish”. 

Are we too focused on the things that are going on around us that we fail to LOOK UP and recognize the things the Lord can do for us?

The Brazen Serpent: About
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