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Station #1

Grab scriptures, a study notebook, and a pen! What insights do you find?

The Camp of Israel: Welcome
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The Camp of Israel: About
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According to the footnote, what does the word "far" mean?

What should be in the center of our lives?

Hint: Even in the latter days, temples have been placed in the center of the city. See D&C 94:1-2.

The Camp of Israel: About


The Priest had the responsibility of blowing the shofar

(a horn/trumpet).

Why was it blown?

Ps. 81:3-4

Josh. 6:4

Ezek. 33:5-6

In what way is the shofar being sounded in our day?

The Camp of Israel: About


Core Message

You may remember that as the Israelites escaped Egypt, the Lord commanded them to build a Tabernacle so He could dwell with them. The Lord provided specific instructions for building the Tabernacle. It was about 150 feet by 75 feet and was constructed of the finest materials which the Israelites carried with them out of Egypt or could be found in the wilderness. The fence was about 7 feet tall made of 10 curtains that separated the sacred space from the world. This holy space was divided into increasingly sacred areas; the courtyard, the Holy place, and then the Holy of holies that symbolizes God’s presence.

As this picture shows, the Tabernacle was placed in the center of the camp with the 12 tribes pitching their tents around it. Importantly, the doors of their tents faced the Tabernacle. 

What symbolism do you see in how the Camp of Israel was organized? 

Possible answer: The Lord should be at the center of our lives. We can look to Him for guidance and protection. 

The Lord’s presence was indicated by a cloud that hovered over the Tabernacle by day and a pillar of fire by night. The prophet Isaiah taught that the cloud and fire were for a defense, a shadow from the heat and a refuge and covert from the storm. (Isaiah 4:5-6) What beautiful symbolism of how our Savior helps us.

When the cloud moved, the Israelites packed up the camp and followed it to a new location. In this way, the Lord guided His people as they journeyed through the wilderness. The tribe of Levi was responsible for officiating in and moving the Tabernacle.

The Camp of Israel: About
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