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Station #8

Grab scriptures, a study notebook, and a pen! What insights do you find?

Tabernacle Coverings: Welcome
Tabernacle Flow Chart.png
Tabernacle Coverings: About

EXODUS 26: 1,7,14

What are the four layers? 

How does Christ cover us?

Hint: The Hebrew word for "atone" also translates "to cover"

  • Badger's skin is waterproof, and can protect from elements. 

  • Goat's hair was longer than the innermost layer and covered the tent completely. 

  • Linen was seen from the inside of the tent. 

Tabernacle Coverings: About


Core Message

Welcome. Let’s talk for a moment about the four Tabernacle coverings. Before we do, let me ask you to think about how these coverings testify of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 

As you can see here, there were four coverings.

  1. The outermost covering was made of animal skin. Exodus refers to it as badger skin. Scholars believe it was a type of water animal. It provided protection from the weather. 

  2. The next layer was ram’s skin and was dyed red. 

  3. The third layer was made of goat hair, which was often used by Bedouin people for warmth.  

  4. The innermost layer was made of fine linen. These beautiful colors and cherubim remind of Jesus Christ. 

  5. When you were in the tabernacle you may have looked up and noticed these symbolic colors of blue, scarlet, and purple. You have already learned today how these colors represent Christ.

As we conclude please consider also how these coverings remind us of the various ways that Jesus does protect us.  

I Samuel 16:7 tells us that the Lord looks on the heart. Like these coverings what is on the inside of us is what is most beautiful.

Tabernacle Coverings: About
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