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Station #5

Grab scriptures, a study notebook, and a pen! What insights do you find?

Laver of Water: Welcome
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Laver of Water: About
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EXODUS 30:19-21

What body parts are washed?

Why wash the hands and feet?

Why might we need this reminder?

Hint: Hands might represent what we do, while feet might represent where we go. 

D&C 133:5

Isaiah 52:11

Laver of Water: About

EXODUS 30:18, 38:8

What is the laver made of?

What is the purpose of washing?

Hint: Mirrors are used to reflect, and see who we are.
Psalms 24:3-4
Alma 5:19

Priest washing hands 01.JPG
Laver of Water: About

HEBREWS 10:21-22

How does the Laver of Water testify of Christ?

Hint: He enables us to be clean.

Laver of Water: About


What is water used for?

John 4:13-14

John 9:6-7

D&C 63:23

In the following examples, what is the water a symbol of?

Matt 3:16

Matt 26:27-28

Ex. 19:10-11

Hint: Water can quench thirst, heal blindness, cleanse, and sanctify.

Laver of Water: About


Core Message

Welcome to the Laver of Water, which was originally made of polished brass. 

We use water to cleanse and purify things. It is essential to physical life. 

Priests were washed, anointed, and clothed to prepare to participate in worshipping within the Tabernacle. This ram’s horn, which symbolized power and authority, was filled with consecrated oil. 

When a Priest was washed and anointed with consecrated oil, he was set apart from the world and dedicated to serve the Lord. Through the Living Water we can also become clean from the sins of the world. 

We are taught that all things point to Christ. How do you think the Laver of Water points to Jesus Christ and His teachings?

Possible answer: He calls himself the “living water” (John 4:10)

Laver of Water: About
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